Born Feet First

Bacon Weekend

Posted by BornFeetFirst on December 11, 2010

After yesterday’s successful and yummy Bacon Jam experiment, I decided we needed to have bacon pancakes for breakfast. We had the perfect excuse for such gluttony: our 20-year-old nephew was visiting. You can’t let a 20-year-old college student starve, you know!

I whipped up a batch of buttermilk pancake batter, then pulled cooked strips of bacon from the fridge. I mean, the bacon came in 1-pound packages and I only needed 1 1/2 pounds for bacon jam, so I had to cook up the rest for bacon pancakes. I just had to!

Pour the batter on your griddle, then top with a strip of bacon. When the pancake is ready to flip, flip it. The bacon will heat up while the pancake finishes cooking.

Change the shape of the pancakes for a smaller batter:bacon ratio. Bacon in every bite!

Our nephew topped his with butter. He’s 20, 6’4″ and skinny. He can handle it.

Serve with maple syrup – the real stuff, please. YUM!



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